Honest Jewelry Buyers In The Diamond District New York

Welcome to the home of Honest Jewelry Buyers Inc. – the number one place to sell watches and gold in New York! Honest Jewelry Buyers Inc. have been established for many years now, and have plenty of experience at buying and selling a wide range of valuable items in the NYC area. But it’s not just watches and gold that gets us going down here in our diamond district store you know! We buy and sell pretty much anything at Honest Jewelry Buyers Inc. – everything from antiques to platinum and diamonds. You name it, and it has a home here at Honest Jewelry Buyers Inc. As long as it has a value to it, we will buy it!

Your number one place to sell watches in New York

We also have a great team of valuations experts and buying specialists who work with us in store and over the phone, to help make sure that the buyback prices that we quote to you, are absolutely 100 percent accurate. What’s more, we invest a lot of our time and resources into researching the ever changing markets for all of the goods that we trade in. This means that we are always fully up to date with the latest, up to the minute market prices. In today’s turbulent economy and with the uncertain times that lie ahead of us, the markets for various commodities including gold, silver and platinum, are the ones which are constantly shifting and changing. And a consistently changing and altering price for your items means that it is even more important that our experts are always fully up to date with the recent market trends.

We are based in the world famous Diamond district of New York

That’s right, you will find out the main store is based right in the heart of the famous Diamond District, right here in New York. This prime location makes sure that Honest Jewelry Buyers Inc. are situated in the very heart of New York’s thriving diamond trade. The diamond district is where it all happens! And that is exactly why we have chosen this section of NY to be the home of our business. By being constantly amid the action, we can well and truly keep our fingers on the pulse of the fast moving diamond trade.

Why should you sell gold with us?

Well, that is a great question. Let’s face it, here in New York, you are fairly spoiled for choice when it comes to finding places to sell your gold. A brief walk around New York, or especially the famous diamond district New York, will reveal countless places all crying out to purchase the unwanted gold from you for “the best prices”.


But how do you know which company actually is quoting you the best possible prices?

Well to answer that, you have two possible options available to you. You can either spend hours and hours wondering around all of the gold buyers here in New York while clutching your spare and unwanted gold items, and then go into each of the retailers here and ask them for their valuation. Or you could do it the quick and easy way, and simply come straight to Honest Jewelry Buyers Inc. We constantly keep an eye on all of our competition and on the constantly fluctuating market prices of the items we buy, in order to make sure that the prices that we quote you truly are the best!