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Here at D&G Buyers, Inc., we are famous for our ability to make your mission to sell watches NY that little bit easier.

If you have ever tried to sell watch New York before, you will be able to testify to what a long, drawn out and tedious task it is to find the best possible prices for your old time keeping pieces. You really can get sucked into the business of going around all of the watch buyers and dealers here in New York, attempting to play all of the dealers off against each other for the higher prices. Naturally you will want to secure the best price possible for all of your old and unwanted watches. But what you may not know at this stage is that almost all of the watch dealers here in New York will all stick together when it comes to their buy back prices.

sell-watch-nyc-new-yorkYou can easily find yourself going into 4 or 5 stores, and being offered roughly the same price in all of the stores you go in. This is not necessarily because that is what your watch is worth; it is because this is the amount that the dealers have all decided they are willing to pay you for it. And there is a big difference between the two prices. Unfortunately for sellers of old watches, it’s hard to be able to tackle that situation and make sure that you are getting the best buy back prices that your watch is truly worth. Well, thankfully for all those people looking to sell watch New York, there is now an alternative. And it comes to you in the shape of D&G Buyers, Inc.!

Why D and G Buyers Inc is the best place to sell watches

At D&G Buyers, Inc., we believe in doing things a little differently (as previous customers of ours will often tell you!). We have broken away from the pack, and are venturing out on a mission of our own. It is a mission to provide you with the best possible prices that most accurately reflect the true value of your watch. That is why our quoted buy back prices are consistently so much higher than other watch dealers up and down New York City. And it is this tireless and relentless mission which goes a long way towards making us the best place to sell watches in the whole of NYC.


We are always on the lookout for new watches to add to our inventory, as quality new stock is hard to come by in this business. And that is what has prompted us to make a stand, and make a difference for watch sellers here in New York. So if you have one or multiple old watches laying around in dusty jewelry boxes in your New York homes and apartments, then now is the time to do something about it. Track your old pieces down, give them a quick dusting off, and come on down to see us at D&G Buyers, Inc. today.

yoDon’t let time stand still with your old and broken watches! Come on down to D&G Buyers, Inc. today and get your hands on our free watch valuation service. Only by dealing with us directly can you be sure that you are getting the very best buy back prices available in New York. Don’t forget, you can also call us directly for a chat on 800-965-0980. Our dedicated and friendly team will be on hand to answer any and all of your questions.