Sell Platinum Jewelry in NYC

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Finding the right platinum buyers in New York

If you are on a mission to find out who are the, biggest and best platinum buyers in New York, then look no further. Your search is now over. D&G Buyers, Inc. are proud to be the number one buyers of platinum in the whole of New York City. We have been buying unwanted platinum from the people of NY for many years, and our expert valuations teams are often praised for their accurate and up to date buy back valuations.

Sell platinum in NY

Platinum is an unusual type of precious metal, and it is utilized by many people in jewelry items for its renowned prestige. It is a type of material which has been seen to soar in value and popularity over recent years. Platinum is extremely dense and very heavy. Two identically sized lumps of Platinum and Gold for example, would vary dramatically in their weights. In fact, platinum is actually one of the heaviest precious metals around today. The kinds of platinum that you will find in your jewelry are extremely pure, and are therefore highly valuable. The platinum used in jewelry is in fact around 95% pure. And it is this purity which makes the metal so dense and heavy, compared to other metals. The type of gold that you will find in jewelry for instance, is far less pure than these platinum examples. With platinum being such an expensive and sought after metal, it also carries an extremely high value. One piece of platinum jewelry for example, can be worth a lot of money. And that is why so many people choose to sell platinum in NY to get their hands on some much needed extra cash..

D&G Buyers, Inc. – we buy platinum in NYC

So if you have any old pieces of platinum style jewelry that you no longer wear or use, then you could be sitting on a fortune. To find out exactly how much your unwanted platinum is worth, simply bring it straight on down to the D&G Buyers, Inc. store, and let our expert jewelry valuations team take a look at it. And remember – we buy platinum in NYC regardless of its condition of its quantity. It does not matter to us how much platinum you have for sale, or what condition it is in. Platinum is a metal that is so popular and so expensive, that every piece, no matter how small, has a value to it. If you would like to accurately determine that value, then come on down and speak to our expert valuations team today. Simply bring all of your platinum along, and the team at D&G Buyers, Inc. will happily sit down with you and help you to understand the true value of the jewelry pieces that you have in your possession. After you have spoken to our dedicated and friendly team regarding the value of your platinum, we will then leave you to decide what you would like to do next. If you are happy with the valuation and wish to go ahead with the sale, then we can give you cash in your hand, right there and then.