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Here at D&G Buyers, Inc. we have been offering cash for gold here in NY for years now. And over the time that we have been trading, we have been lucky enough to get to know thousands of people here in New York. Every single customer who comes through our doors is greeted and welcomed by our friendly team of valuations experts. We then take the time to sit down with you and discuss the pieces that you have for sale, before giving you some of the best buy back price quotes in the whole of New York.

Looking to sell gold?

You would not believe the amount of gold that we have had come through our doors over the years. It really is staggering just how much gold the people of New York have laying around in their homes which is unused and unwanted. And that is exactly why D&G Buyers, Inc. are here. We want to give you all an easy solution on how to exchange your old and unwanted gold for some new and much wanted money.

We buy gold in NYC!

Let’s face it, in these difficult times we could all do with an extra bit of cash to help out with the day to day bills. The economic uncertainty that we all face today is enough to make anyone worry about their financial future. With such high turbulence being felt right across the board, there really is no such thing as job security any more. Unemployment rates seem to be increasing to ever high levels, and show no signs at all of slowing down. But if you are struggling in these difficult times, then D&G Buyers, Inc. are here to help. We may have the perfect solution just for you.

Top reasons why getting cash for gold in NY is becoming so popular

You can now solve all of your money worries in one easy swoop. If you choose to sell your gold to us here at D&G Buyers, Inc. you will also have the added bonus of clearing out some of your old and unwanted items from around the home. How many of us have stuff around the home that we don’t particularly want, but we don’t want to throw out either? We have had thousands of people come through our doors with jewelry and gold items that they just could not bear to throw away. They may not particularly want to keep the gold, but they know that there must be some kind of value attached to it, so they are reluctant to let go of it and throw it out. As a result, many of the people of New York end up with jewelry boxes full of bits of old gold chains, rings and other odds and ends, which they will never ever wear. So if, like many New Yorkers, you have a dusty jewelry box somewhere which is full to the brink with old bits of gold, then why not bring it all down to D&G Buyers, Inc today? It does not matter to us what form or condition your gold is in. We buy gold in NYC – be it necklaces, watches, earrings or any other form of jewelry that you can think of. If it is made from gold, we will buy it. And neither does it matter to us if your gold jewelry is broken in any way. All gold has a value to us here at D&G Buyers, Inc.