Sell Gold In New York For Big $$$$$

The chances are, if you are anything like us, that you will have an old jewelry box somewhere with all your old and broken necklaces, rings, bracelets and other bits and bobs all thrown in there. You will no doubt stash the jewelry box away, where it will sit in a tangled mess of brokenness for years. And you might be thinking “Oh I really wish I could sell that gold necklace, but it’s broken….no one will want to buy it”. Wrong again folks, because we buy gold New York no matter what! You see, we might be mad, but whether your jewelry is broken or not, it really does not matter to us. Regardless of the condition of the items you have for sale, you are guaranteed to be able to sell your gold with D and G Buyers Inc.I want to sell gold NY, but my jewelry is broken..