Learn What We Mean When We Say That We Buy Watches in New York

We buy watches New York all year long and we buy a lot of watches. When you want to sell a watch, it’s important that you sell to the right buyer – and that you get the cash you want for the luxury timepiece. You need to know what kind of watches we buy and how much cash you can potentially earn for your watch.

We are buying all sorts of brands and we’re buying all sorts of models. Take in your watch and we’ll show you how serious we are about buying luxury watches.

We Buy Watches New York of Luxury

At D&G Buyers, we buy watches New York of the highest brands. Luxury brands, as we like to call them, include all of the top brands from around the world. Such brands include Tag Heuer, Patek Philippe, Bulgari, Rolex and many others. You can always sell watches of these brands to us and we’ll be happy to take them off of your hands.

Not all watch buyers will buy the luxury brands because they can’t afford to. We know that some of the Cartier watches and even some of the Piaget watches can be worth tens of thousands of dollars because of having white diamond pave lining the casing as well as on the bracelet itself. Luxury is something we are familiar with and prepared to buy. When we say we buy watches New York, we’re very serious. We take what we do very seriously, which is why we have been able to build up the client base that we have.

Old watches, new watches, wrist watches, pocket watches – we buy watches in New York. Whatever you have with a luxury brand, we’d like to see it.

We Buy Watches New York with Cash

When we buy watches New York, we buy with cash. This is not something that all buyers do and we pride ourselves on our ability to pay cash, regardless of how much your watch is worth. Many other jewelry buyers try to offer you top dollar but do so with store credits. You may not always be in the market for new jewelry. Sometimes it is just about getting cash so you can pay off bills, go on vacation or do something frivolous for yourself.

Before you sell your watch to just anyone, find out if they will pay in cash. If they give you a price difference between cash and another form of payment, don’t accept it. They are looking to make a larger profit than is warranted. This happens all the time in NYC and you have to be on the lookout for it happening to you. With D&G Buyers, you don’t have to worry about such a thing. They always pay in cash, so you never have to deal with being offered anything less.