We Buy Watches in New York: Get an Appraisal

You should always seek out an appraisal when you sell a watch. At D&G Buyers, we buy watches NY. Before we buy a watch, we appraise it to find out the value. This will allow us to tell you what it is valued at and what we are prepared to offer you for it. Not all buyers do this, which is why you need to be careful selling to just anyone.

We Buy Watches in NY with an Appraisal

An appraisal is comprised of several different things. When we buy watches NY, we look to see what the make and model is as well as the year. If the watch is no longer in production, we take that into consideration as well because it can increase the street value to collectors. Additionally, we look at the condition of the watch to see if it will need any repairs or such before we turn around and sell it to a buyer. All of this is part of the appraisal process. It only takes a few minutes and it will all be done in front of you so you can see the whole process and have it explained.

When you sell watches in New York, you have to look at the appraisal. If the buyer makes you an offer without going through the appraisal process, it’s called shooting from the hip. Essentially, it means they are making a guesstimate and it’s usually slanted in their favor. If a buyer does this to you, they have no respect for the watch, you or your time. It’s best to head down the road to a buyer who takes the time to appraise your watch before making an offer.

Comparing Appraisals

Once you get one appraisal, you may want to get one or two others to see if everyone is telling you that it’s the same model and the same year. It has been known to happen that a person will be told different facts about their watch by different buyers. This is usually done to downplay the value, which is not very reputable, but it does happen throughout NYC.

We buy watches NY with appraisals to ensure you aren’t being taken advantage of. We have been in business for over 20 years and have seen virtually every make and model of luxury watch come through our doors. From Patek Philippe to Rolex and everything in between, our appraisers are thorough and quick to ensure you get in and out in the time you want.

Bring your watch into D&G Buyers for an appraisal that doesn’t cost anything. After the appraisal, an offer will be made and you can decide if you want to sell the watch or keep looking for another buyer. In the end, regardless of who you sell to, be sure that you are getting an appraisal first.