Who Are The NYC Gold Buyers?

Who are the NYC gold buyers? This might seem like a strange question to ask because we commonly do not look beyond the promotional advertisement put forth buy those willing to buy your gold. In all honestly, it is rare we even need to look beyond any further than where the gold shops are located and whether or not they have been well established in the industry.

For those that may be interested in selling old scrap gold more consistently, it may be worth learning a little bit about the NYC gold buyers. Today, scores of investors are buying and selling scrap gold and coins for long and short term profit. Such individuals may come in contact with gold buyers on a regular basis. For such buyers, it may be wise to try and learn a little bit about those in the business of buying and selling gold.

Frequently, NYC gold buyers are from the world of the jewelry and, sometimes, the pawn broker industry. Those persons involved with buying gold likely have the connections to sell the gold they purchase somewhat quickly. This allows them to remain consistently profitable even though they may be buying gold at a frequency that might be more than they are selling it. In truth, they might be able to move (sell) the gold far more frequently than you would think.

Of course, these NYC gold buyers may be willing to sit on the gold they purchase for a year or two and allow the value of it to increase. If they can gain a 10% or more return on the gold they stockpile, such actions could end up being very lucrative for them.