Diamond District New York – D&G Buyers, Inc.

D&G Buyers, Inc. are a prominent diamond buyers located right in the heart of the Diamond District New York. Here and D&G Buyers, Inc., we have been enjoying the hustle and bustle of the busy district for many years now, and we simply would not have it any other way!

The thriving diamond district, which we are so lucky to have situated right here in New York, is the gateway to the entire USA diamonds industry. To understand just how important this district is to the diamond economy as a whole, you really do have to come down here and check it out for yourself. The district itself is so busy and so popular with diamond shoppers and sellers, that it makes for an incredible and unique shopping experience, and is simply a must for anyone who finds themselves at a loose end here in New York.


So come on down here and witness for yourself the wonder that is the diamond district! See the very street that is known around the world as being the major gateway to the American diamond industry. See the district that handles an estimated 90 percent of the diamonds which enter the United States of America. And it is all happening right here on your door step!

The New York district makes up one of the 6 major diamond gateways across the world, and is truly one of the main hubs of the global diamond trade. It joins the ranks of the diamond districts of London, Antwerp in Belgium, Mumbai in India, Ramat Gan, Israel and of course Johannesburg, South Africa. The overwhelming majority of diamond trading between different countries is done between these 6 major cornerstones of the global market.

No matter whether you are buying diamonds or selling them, the busy and hectic atmosphere of this small corner of New York City is something that really has to be experienced to be believed. It is the atmosphere and the people that come through our doors which makes us so addicted to this place. We have been here for many years now, and just could not imagine it being any other way.

A rough guide to the Diamond district New York

You will find this busy and vibrant region to be situated in midtown Manhattan. The district is located on West 47th Street, and is mainly concentrated between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue. Simply walk south of Rockafeller Center for around one block, and you will wind up slap bang in the heart of the Diamond District New York.

The district first became popular with diamond merchants way back in 1941 during the Second World War. As Nazi Germany continued their assault on central Europe, thousands of diamond dealers across the Netherlands and Belgium were forced to flee the diamond districts of Antwerp and Amsterdam, and head for the relatively safe ground of the New York City. In the years following the end of the war, many of the diamond dealers who had come over from Europe decided that they would stay.

Prior to this, earlier diamond districts were established near Canal Street back in the 1920’s, and there was also a smaller district of diamond buyers and sellers situated over in the financial district which was started in around 1931. All of this of course, was prior to its eventual migration to its current location.

But it is in its current location and format that the New York’s world famous diamond district has managed to become the powerhouse in diamond trade that it is today.