Watch Buyers New York

My Uncle was a bit of a fashion buff, and had more watches than anyone I’d ever seen. I inherited these when he passed away some years ago, and still fondly remember him in any number of fine suits and suitably matched wristwatch.

For years I wore them myself, but with cell phones and personal computers today, I always have the right time right in front of my face, so I decided to see what I might sell them for. Mind you, I know close to nothing about the value of watches, and I was a little worried about getting ripped off should I go to a shady dealer. I mean, I do live in New York.

Luckily I did find great watch buyers in New York, and I’m so glad for it. It turns out I had a collection that ranged from near worthless common watches to a couple of extremely valuable pieces, and honestly, I would have never known. These watch buyers in New York though gained my confidence right off the bat, by suggesting I bring them all in and they would give me an appraisal of the entire collection, as well as detailing each piece, which they did, including the value.

These watch buyers in New York not only offered me a price for the entire collection, but individually also. I decided to sell off just the more valuable ones, which helps me pay off my college loans. I keep the rest now for sentimental reasons.