We Buy Gold and Silver in New York

We buy gold and silver in New York even if it is damaged, very old or almost any condition and give you cold, hard cash in return. It also doesn’t matter whether you have complete, damaged, single or mismatched pieces! We will buy gold and silver in various conditions and give you super easy instructions on how to sell your silver or gold and send it to us at no cost to you. If you attempt to cash in your gold or silver jewelry at a pawn shop, you usually wont get the most money possible for them. We buy gold and silver at premium prices. By letting us buy your gold or silver, you eliminate the middle-man. This will provide you with a higher payout, which ultimately puts more money in your pocket.

Working to give you the most value and fulfillment when we buy your gold and silver is the main goal that we strive for. If you aren’t sure whether or not your item is something that would be of interest to us, feel free to contact us. We have an experienced, responsive team that is always prepared to reply to your questions or address any worries you may have. We buy the gold and silver that pawn shops normally will not.

We buy gold and silver in New York in Diamond District and are extremely serious about our business. We also realize that most of the other gold and silver buyers claim that they offer high payments, but they rarely do. We buy your gold and silver items of value based on how pure they are and the price that the metals are currently selling for on the market, and silver. As a gold and silver seller, you will definitely want to receive a payment that is as close to the market price as possible. Visit us now and let us give you a quote on your gold or silver. We buy gold and silver in New York every day of the week, so we are always available for you.